WSPR and format signal

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WSPR and format signal

Post by F1ABL » 04 Feb 2020, 16:18


In the list of modes you have forgotten the WSPR mode, is it possible to add it inside the futur version

If you add WSPR to the list of modes I would have liked the format for the RST to be in digital format (+/-) not 599.

The RST format should also be modified to digital format */- for this modes also:
- MSK144
- SIM31

I would like to point out if it is possible for you to add "SWL" in the RST file, because when I manually enter the QSL in Log4OM2 it asks me for the signal sent, it does not take into account the word SWL, it is validated +30 if it is in digital mode.

Thank you for taking my suggestions into account.

73 Michel F1ABL
F1ABL Michel JN24of

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