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Post by KD0ZV » 06 Feb 2020, 14:50

If possible in the future it would be nice if the band map would retain the settings.

I currently don't use it much because I have to set the zoom and position every time I go back in. Version 1 was much more usable for me although I can see the potential for improvement in V2.

But zoom, centered on frequency and remembering the filters would make it much nicer.

Also follow the band when you switch bands.


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Re: Bandmap

Post by G3ZSS » 09 Feb 2020, 15:09

I find the Band Map to be totally unusable. This is a snapshot of the CW end of 20m this afternoon. My suggestion is there is too much line spacing between spots, and the lines go both up and down from a single frequency. I also probably also needs another couple of greater levels of zoom. I also agree on the need to follow the rigs frequency.
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