Memory Reminder

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Memory Reminder

Post by KA4CDN » 29 May 2020, 10:27

Suggest that the user can set the mode rather than the mode getting selected by the band plan. For example, the need to used USB for digital modes in the CW portion of a band plan.

Also allow the ability to fully edit a memory; Name, Frequency and Mode. Right now it is possible to change the frequency only. (But editing the frequency causes a display error in the window. The edited frequency is appended to the name rather than updating the old frequency).

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Re: Memory Reminder

Post by NN7D » 30 May 2020, 05:51


Thanks for including the version of Log4OM and the DATE of the User's Guide! Very helpful.

I am not quite sure of what you are suggesting regarding modes. You can always override the mode in the main UI from any mode set by Log4OM.

Also, if you click on a spot, say FT8, then Log4OM will set that mode (FT8) in the main UI. Log4OM will always use the mode displayed in the Notes of a spot first, if available, to set the mode, and use the bandplan secondarily if no mode is present in the spot.

On the Memory Reminder function, you are correct, an entry can only be edited by frequency. If you want to rename a memory, you will have to delete the old and reenter a new memory object.

I was able to replicate the issue of updating the frequency - it added the new frequency after the original frequency. Duly noted and I will add to the Mantis fix list.

Thanks for reporting.


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