Declutter and Streamline Contest Log

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Declutter and Streamline Contest Log

Post by wa9zvf » 18 Jan 2021, 00:42

I'm using Log4om v2.11.0.0 I'm an occasional contester and want to use Log4om for contests and don't want to move to a specialized contest logging program.

In a contest, one wants to avoid wasted time and the mental effort to perform task. The bottom line is that you want to be able to "move" quickly and not get mentally fatigued. In general, there is too much visual clutter in the Contest Log window and it takes too long and too much concentration to locate specific information or locate a particular "entry window" with a mouse especially when you are tired.


Hide the Radio, Antenna and Current Power entry boxes. Perhaps use dropdown menu or it can user disabled.

The location of WB (worked before) would be better immediately next to the call sign box.

Contest Received box is too small and buried in the middle.

QSO Enter button too small, too far away and too close to the Cancel button.

Get rid of PH CW Dig grid in lower right or make that a user option.

Currently you need to actually be within the actual contest time period to enable the contest mode. I would suggest eliminating that restriction.

Beam headings appear twice. I would eliminate one pair and keep the pair at the top.

In the big picture I would declutter the contest window as much as possible and group key items close to one another and minimize mouse move distance.

I'm sure there are users who have more contest experience than I have that can contribute some suggestions. This is not really about adding features but rather cleaning up and optimizing an existing capability of the program.

Ray Mikula

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Re: Declutter and Streamline Contest Log

Post by wa8mdc » 27 Jan 2021, 16:22

Hi Ray,

I am also a casual contester and have trouble with the contest feature in Log4OM because it is too slow because of the internet look up etc. What I have found is an acceptable way of operating contests is to use the N1MM software for contesting and then after the contest export the contacts to an ADI file and then import it into Log4OM. In this way you get all of the great contest features built into the N1MM software but you also save the contact information in Log4OM. This works great for me but it is just a suggestion.

WA8MDC - Jim
WA8MDC - Jim

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Re: Declutter and Streamline Contest Log

Post by G4POP » 27 Jan 2021, 17:42

Stop lookups to speed contest entries

Why use ADIF import when we provide real time UDP logging from N1MM?
73 Terry G4POP

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Re: Declutter and Streamline Contest Log

Post by VE3AND » 30 Jan 2021, 04:15

G4POP wrote:
27 Jan 2021, 17:42
Why use ADIF import when we provide real time UDP logging from N1MM?
Log4OM2 is a bit of a RAM hog. On lower spec machines running both at once can be a challenge.

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