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Net Control

Post by F4BPO » 11 Feb 2015, 11:15

Hi Daniele,

I have a few comments about the Net Control not sure this has been raised or not and also maybe I am doing things wrong.

1/ When we have a full list of Hams when we opened a Net how to correctly put their current report and my correct report ? I still don't get it how to do.
2/ Would it be possible when we add a new callsign in a Net to have the lookup from ? so it can fill the name / QTH directly
3/ How to be able to put a call from right window to left window (person currently on Frequency in the net) but without adding him to our log cause we cannot hear him while he can hear us. I need to know he is in the Net to send him the microphone so he can send it back to someone else but still the contact with me is not made as I cannot hear him. Is it possible to split the left main window in two ? upper side is for the contact made and lower side whenever someone is leaving the net will be dragged and dropped but without adding the contact to the log ?

73 de Greg

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