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Post by G4POP » 03 Jun 2013, 05:55

I have just received a DXCC Check list from which you can request from the HRDLog web site, I often review these types of services to see what results are provided.

The check list showed that about twenty two of the QSO's that I recently uploaded had an incorrect DXCC country recorded, however when I cross checked, each one of them was either a special event call or DXpedition and they were correct in my log!

It seems that the DXCC check in is a very basic prefix check and that it struggles with the unique and odd slash / calls.

I am confident that the LOG4OM system which employs sophisticated and up to date data from our Special Call List combined with the Clublog exception list, DXCC country file and QRZ lookup when combined with Daniele's advanced logarithms is the most accurate determination of DXCC country available.

So beware! Don't blindly change the country because an outside sourse says its wrong, check, check and double check!
73 Terry G4POP

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