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Please please Please

Post by G4POP » 28 Feb 2016, 12:18

I am always available to help those with problems but lately I am receiving so many direct emails that it is becoming difficult to concentrate on the Log4OM development and dealing with the bigger issues.

So Please, Please, Please...........

1. Search the forum for a solution to your problem
2. If the issue has not been addressed before or you cannot find it by a search then post your question on the appropriate thread and one of the team or another user will try to advise you.
3. If your problem is still outstanding then send a support request (Help/Send Bug report, please Include an ADIF file of your log) to one of the team.

At that point one of the team will contact you by email and either resolve the issue in that email or arrange for a TeamViewer or Skype session.

Telephone contact will only be within the country that the team member lives in! I am constantly asked to phone people in the USA and all over Europe - So far no such requests from Australia, this is unreasonable due to the high cost of international phone calls

Finally we will only assist in fixing Log4OM or associated issues - Do Not Ask Us to help set up other developers software or fix your computer, you would be surprised how many times that occurs!

Moan over :D
73 Terry G4POP

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