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Font Size

Posted: 24 Apr 2016, 22:22
by kc2nyu
Is there any way to change the general font size used in most tabs?? as in tabs F7, F9 or F10. as a former HRD Logbook user, that was one feature that it had that helped those of us that need larger font to function.


Re: Font Size

Posted: 25 Apr 2016, 02:40
by W7DRM
Hi Paul,

Yes, that has been requested and considered. Expect that capability in version 2, which will be the next major release.

Doug - W7DRM

Re: Font Size

Posted: 06 Nov 2018, 23:36
by N7RD
Glad I read all thru the general discussions. I have been having lots of problems with font size also. Seems the old eyes just cant see that small font any more, almost have to get up on the desk to see the call sign and name ect. Would be a very nice addition to the program that is perfect now, just getting old eyes...

Best Regards,
Ron N7RD

Re: Font Size

Posted: 07 Nov 2018, 07:38
by G4POP
We cannot increase the font size in version 1.0 but version 2.0 has selectable and scalable fonts

Re: Font Size

Posted: 07 Nov 2018, 09:25
Hi Terry,

Is good to know that this and other things will be in version 2, however there is a sad detail: about Version2 we know very litle. :( :( :(
For long time Version2 is refered as the big change, in L4OM... however it seems to takes long time to be born hi hi hi :)

Re: Font Size

Posted: 07 Nov 2018, 09:45
by G4POP
Hi Manuel,
Hope you and your family are keeping well and enjoying life

We seem one step closer and Lele has indicated that I might have an Alpha version to test in the next month.

I have seen previews when Lele and I share screens this is how I know some of the upcoming features but at first view it is similar to Log4OM, for obvious reasons, but perhaps should be looked at as Version 1.0 on steroids :D

The new version has a more sound foundation which enables much more development than version 1.0 did. Version 1.0 started life as just a convenience for Lele and was never designed to be developed into an internationally used program by thousands of amateurs. :D

Whereas Log4OM was defined as easy to use, version 2.0 provides flexibility of the user interface in all aspects while retaining the simplicity of version 1.0.

Keep well and give the dog a stroke from me Hi