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GEEK ONLY: Regular Expressions

Posted: 24 Jul 2013, 21:36
Log4OM is actually using regular expressions to identify IOTA, WFF and CONTEST related spot, parsing the cluster informations (note)

I'm extending that functionality to a configuration file (user customizable, if needed), that contains all the regular expressions used.
Those regexp will be enhanceable, and you can add everything (selectable) to highlight contacts in the cluster.

As example, you can add (i'll do that, for now) DCI (Italian castles award), Lighthouses and everything else...
you only need to identify how those informations are likely spotted, as an example "73 and thanks DAI VE-132" will indicate a DAI award for VE-132...

Regular expressions can be multiple for each rule, and the rule will be triggered when at least one regular expression matches.

What could be useful for me:
If you have known patterns from spots (like EU-131 for IOTA, or IFF-123 for Italian Flora and Fauna) and you are able to write a regular expression to match this, send the string to me to be included in the next release.

There are a lot of websites that allows you to check how your regexp works. New Log4OM release will also feature a "spot simulator"... you can "inject" a custom spot in the received cluster to test your alerts and regular expressions highlights. Those spots are only simulated. Log4OM uses them in the same way it uses real spots, but this spot is not sent outside your machine and will never seen by anyone else.


Re: GEEK ONLY: Regular Expressions

Posted: 25 Jul 2013, 12:47
Hi Daniele,
Very interesting,

I guess that with this option I can have highlights for a given Iota I introduce, or to any string I am looking for, within "Note" field. Thanks for this new function. :D

I would like to call your attention for a particular situation: We can have several highlights, so it would be very interesting if we can emphasize one, among all the others. For that purpose we will need one more colour for highlights. A kind of priority.
Do you find it usefull?

Best regards.

Re: GEEK ONLY: Regular Expressions

Posted: 25 Jul 2013, 12:48
yes, it's on the list

Re: GEEK ONLY: Regular Expressions

Posted: 25 Jul 2013, 18:54
by K7PT
How about WAS Awards are working??????????

Re: GEEK ONLY: Regular Expressions

Posted: 26 Jul 2013, 08:07
almost working. Some refinements needed