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Country prefix source

Posted: 21 Oct 2016, 20:16
by W7DRM
I have been working with VE7CC's CC User program and its alert feature. I have set up alerts for various countries. In order to do so you need to know the "standard" country prefix which CC User uses. Unfortunately, it is a different series of prefixes in some cases from Log4OM. For instance - Log4OM uses VP8S for South Sandwich Island - while CC User uses "VP8/S". Log4OM uses 9MO for Spratly Is, while CC User uses "1S" for Spratly. To make matters worse, the ITU prefix list is not as detailed as what hams need, and the ARRL DXCC list is not consistent either with any of these lists.

I looked into the prefix list which CC User uses and found that AD1C maintains a "standard" list which many logging programs, contest programs, and cluster program use, including CC User, to maintain standardization.

So my question is, why doesn't Log4OM use the same AD1C prefix list? Or at least the same prefixes?


Doug - W7DRM

Re: Country prefix source

Posted: 22 Oct 2016, 09:49
by K7PT
Log4OM uses the official prefix list from the IARU and the ARRL. They are the only official standard.

I would submit that the beef is with the ARRL and the IARU if it is not meeting the needs of the community.

As far as I know, countries do not issue call signs with "/" (stokes) in them.

Log4OM uses the SCL file for these calls as they at times do not follow any standard, for example the TO series calls. But, Log4om does not attempt to engage in the contest world as that is not it's main purpose. WPX falls into this realm.

Re: Country prefix source

Posted: 22 Oct 2016, 20:02
by W7DRM
Thanks Chuck,

It just seems that AD1C is providing a list/service that does fit the needs of the ham community which other loggers, and cluster software providers are utilizing for their benefit. The problem with the ARRL/IARU list is that it is not unique. For instance - South Georgia Is, South Orkney Is, South Sandwich Is and South Shetland Is., among others, all share the VP8 prefix. Not useful for our purposes. As a result Log4OM has to amend those prefixes to something non-standard as VP8G, VP8H, etc.

The slash notation in AD1C's list is not intended to reflect the actual call sign, only the symbology in the list. Granted, VP8H likely makes more sense than VP8/H, but that is what AD1C has chosen, and it works for those who have adapted that standard.

Might Log4OM want to join with them in standardization?

Doug - W7DRM

Re: Country prefix source

Posted: 07 Mar 2017, 18:12
by mhzsurfer
I have had the complaint that Log4om has mis-identified prefixes but could not find this reference on the forum until today. I had previously identified approximately 10 calls that came out incorrectly. There are probably many more I don't know about. As an avid dxer this has caused havoc. I have made contacts for band fills that I didn't need and other needed contacts were skipped. So reluctantly Log4om was abandoned for a more reliable program. This is a shame because It offers more than the others in most areas. If the prefix identification can't be trusted then it would appear that other areas of the program also can't be trusted. For instance you won't know if the modes and bands indicated have actually been worked and the information in statistics and awards would also be compromised. I would love to see the AD1C information used.

Re: Country prefix source

Posted: 08 Mar 2017, 07:54
by K7PT
I have asked numerous times that users inform me of ANY issue with call signs, prefixes or anything causing wrongly resolved entities.

Except on rare occasions, I hear or see nothing.
mhzsurfer :

What is your name and call sign? We are friendly users and like to address users by their name.

Of the 10 calls you have seen giving you trouble, how many of those did you raise the issue with me or any other user of Log4OM???

Had you contacted me, it would have been corrected within minutes.

Re: Country prefix source

Posted: 09 Mar 2017, 13:56
by K7PT
It is possible that I don't understand what the issue Doug has with the prefixes used by Log4OM.

In the case of the VP8 series of last year, each was covered in the SCL and resolved correctly as long as users kept their SCL database up-to-date. That is a user responsibility.

The SCL database is published daily and our goal is that 100% of calls resolve to the correct entity. Last year there was one instance that Doug informed me about and it was corrected within 10 minutes and published to the users.

We, like AD1C, cannot be expected to have 100% coverage without users help every now and then. And, if operators don't publish info about their operation, we are not "Karnac the Magnificent" with a crystal ball.

Bottom line: what is the issue?????

Re: Country prefix source

Posted: 10 Mar 2017, 09:35
by W7DRM

I think these are two different issues. My original post was not about how Log4OM resolves callsign to countries specifically, which is what i think mhzsurfer was referring to.

My original post was more about the prefix used for instance in the Statistics and Awards window, Awards tab, to sort and identify countries, so that it would be consistent with the country prefixes used in CC-Users/Alert function and other programs.

Back to mhzsurfer's issue. Best practice is to set your Country, ClubLog and SCL auto download to 1 day, in Settings, Settings 2 tab. Then confirm the country display each time you work dx, and if you notice a bad resolve, manually update all three databases (Settings menu), then try the resolve again. If still bad, manually change your dx qso country, then post a note in the Support thread and it will be fixed pronto, as Chuck has explained.

Doug - W7DRM