CAT usage when RTX use a Panadapter

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CAT usage when RTX use a Panadapter

Post by I1JCK » 17 Mar 2017, 09:53

Hi all,

I have a FTDX3000 and a Flex 1500 connected togheter via Commander (DXLAB suite tool), a nice tool that allow CAT manage both RTX at the same time.

When I change the frequency on the FTDX3000 same thing happen on the Flex 1500 and viceversa. Very nice and helpfull ..

I have a problem using OMNIRIG (as requestd by LOG4OM) in this configuration.

When OMNIRIG access the FTDX3000 COM4 port (I have a special Yaesu driver installed that creates a COM instance to handle CAT command in the Yaesu), the COM4 is already connected to the VSPE used by the Commander to allow intercomununication between PowerSDR (the APP used by Flex) and FTDX3000 CAT system.

I have attemped to use a VSPLIT programm , in order to share COM4 between Commander and Log4OM but no success ... :o(

Any suggestions ? I would like to use Yaesu + Flex 15000 + LOG4OM all togheter ...

I would like to use Yaesu OR Flex 1500 receiver and TX using the yaesu rtxand + manage the qso in the LOG4OM.
Thanks for helping !

angelo i1jck

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