DXCC and /AM, /MM calls

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DXCC and /AM, /MM calls

Post by K7PT » 27 Feb 2018, 17:59

I want to make the user community aware of an issue some may run across when working /AM or /MM calls, i.e. K7PT/MM.

/AM and /MM calls are not useful for DXCC purposes as they CANNOT be resolved to an entity. DXCC rules state that a QSO must be made from LAND. So, how do we handle them for awards?

Log4OM uses the QSL Received Status of "Ignore/Invalid" on the QSL tab that will ignore the QSO for any award. If this is not set properly, the awards displayed will not be accurate as they will count for the home call. In the case of K7PT/MM, the United States.

We are developing a method that will identify these contacts and resolve them at the time of logging to an entity named "AM/MM Undefined".

In the mean time, users need to use the check box noted above for award accuracy.

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