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QRP Status Import and Report Filtering

Posted: 30 May 2018, 17:34
by ak0m
I am considering migrating from dx4win to Log4OM. I operate both QRO and QRP. Dx4win provides a "QRP Flag" for each QSO, independent of power, that can be selected, and can be used to filter the subset of QSOs that are considered for award tracking (such as DXCC). This allows me to generate reports for the same callsign for overall DXCC progress, and also generate a report that shows just QRP DXCC progress.

I want to import that QRP flag from dx4win when I do the migration to Log4OM, and use a similar feature in Log4OM for tracking progress toward awards, to limit the award status report to just that subset of QRP QSOs.

1. Is there a similar feature ("QRP flag") in Log4OM?
2. How would I import my dx4win log to include the QRP flag feature?
3. How would I generate reports in Log4OM to filter just the QRP QSOs for award progress?

Thanks, 73,
Steve AK0M

Re: QRP Status Import and Report Filtering

Posted: 31 May 2018, 07:53
by G4POP
The DX4win QRP flag is a program specific field, in other words it is a field I invented by DX4Win and not a standard ADIF field therefore it will not import to Log4OM or any other software that uses predominantly dedicated ADIF format fields.

The ADIF format provides a 'Power' field and by convention the user would enter his power output and then the software can sort by that field. like Power = 5w or Power < (Less than) 10w etc

The only way you could achieve your goal is if you either used a QRP radio which was recorded in DX4Win and then sort by FT817 for example or if you recorded the actual Power in DX4Win and sort by the power level.

You need to export an ADIF file from DX4Win and import that into Log4OM but the QRP field that you refer to will be ignored because it is not an ADIF filed

Re: QRP Status Import and Report Filtering

Posted: 14 Aug 2018, 16:04
by ak0m
Hello Terry,
Yes, the DX4WIN QRP field is not an ADIF field. The software did, however, allow a user to filter the entire log for just the contacts with the QRP field set, and then any reports use only the filtered list (QRP) of contacts. It was very convenient to track QRP WAS and DXCC that way.
It appears that before I import my QSOs into LOG4OM, I should be sure to add the Power ADIF field set to 5w for my QRP contacts. I will have to give some thought to how to best do that.
Then, will LOG4OM allow to get DXCC reports on just QSOs with Power set to 5 watts or less?
Steve AK0M