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Re: Russian RDA

Posted: 11 Jul 2018, 05:59
by G4POP
No response so I assume that the problem is resolved?

Posted: 11 Jul 2018, 07:48
Hello Terry,

I "unrest" my case...No the problem is not resolved, I´ve been busy...

Since my program seems to be different to yours, I would like to know how you installed yours.
Can I have a copy of your setup-program? :roll:

For me it works excactly as I have described it in this topic. The dropdown list jumps from NV-nr to OR-nr (R7AB/M) so why do I
not see OM-nr?? And if I write OM-21 in the Search field nothing happens (if the call sign is outside it´s "normal" regions). I have
chosed the RDA Award up left.

I have the latest compilation installed as administrator and as I can understand everything else works ok.
I will try to learn how to insert images...

Re: Russian RDA

Posted: 11 Jul 2018, 08:02
by G4POP
Did you try deleting the awards in the log4om menu and then downloading/updating the awards followed by a restart of log4om?

From your latest post I can now understand that you don't have a complete awards list of references for RDA probably a bad download or install.

Try the above first and if that does not work I will provide a file for you to import in the awards manager

Re: Russian RDA

Posted: 11 Jul 2018, 10:56
I'm glad to finally be understood after all.

Excuse my lack of knowledge and if you don´'t mind me asking, but can you describe a bit more clearly where I delete and download the files?

Delete: Utilities / Awards Manager / RDA Award
Download: Settings / Awards Database / Download Updates
makes no difference.

Re: Russian RDA

Posted: 11 Jul 2018, 11:07
by G4POP
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Re: Russian RDA

Posted: 11 Jul 2018, 13:04
And then? Never mind. I will survive and so will you. Log4OM is a great log program and I will continue using it, maybe even pay a few SEK to encourage the development of it to new heights.

Best regards, Joe

Re: Russian RDA

Posted: 11 Jul 2018, 13:07
by G4POP
Having deleted then update the awards database and restart Log4om

Re: Russian RDA

Posted: 12 Jul 2018, 12:04
In the award manager you can edit the list of DXCC where the award and/or the reference is working on.
Simply add all russian DXCC to this award to see them all listed together when you open one of those DXCC references.

I still continue don't understanding why, but theoretically you can tweak the award with the appropriate parameters to be able to view RDA in the award list even when contacting an OM in Germany...
It's all customizable, even if your request is pretty unusual, as Log4OM tries to prevent errors during QSO activities.

Re: Russian RDA

Posted: 13 Jul 2018, 04:55
Hello Daniele,

whats bothering me a little is why I can´t see all RDA´s in the logs drop down list while Terry can.
I have tried all tips given in the thread but nothing helps.

Award Manager shows all RDAs but when I register Russians in the log, the dropdown list is divided depending on whether the QTH is in DXCC countries 15, 54 or 126. So, for instance when a HAM from 15 is in 54 I can´t register the correct RDA.

I can handle my RDA´s using routines written by R7AB so it's not that important to include everything in Log4OM even if it would be nice with the complete statistics that the program contributes with.

73 / Joe

Re: Russian RDA

Posted: 30 Jul 2018, 10:22
Somebody has done something! Now I can register, for example, RDA OM-21 on R7AB/M or /P which was impossible when I opened this topic. On the other hand, you can not do the same with, for example, R7TU/M or R7DA/M, both of which are friends with R7AB.
What is happening?