Webpage/CSV automatic generation for local or external websites

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Re: Webpage/CSV automatic generation for local or external websites

Post by SP2L » 12 Oct 2019, 11:20

Hello Daniele et al.

Today morning, looking at the error message logged in vsftpd.log file on my server

Sat Oct 12 12:46:13 2019 [pid 19025] [log4om] FAIL UPLOAD: Client "", "/SP2L.html", 0.00Kbyte/sec

all of the sudden one thought crossed my mind:
string "/SP2L.html" is pointing to main (root) directory of the Linux system,
not to home directory of authorized local system user connecting via FTP!!!
Therefore smart (Hi!) Linux system did not allowed to upload anything at all!

Bingo! Last not least, issue solved and lesson learned, Hi!

The solution is shown on the attached picture.
It was enough to put "./" in "Remote folder" field.

This particular example could be suggestion to Log4OM developer team
to adjust something in source code in order to avoid such weird situations.

Anyway, Log4OM is _SUPERB_ piece of software and I like it very much.
Keep doing good job!
Eagerly awaiting for V2 to emerge, yours sincerely
Log4OM-FTP-Webpage-solved.png (55.08 KiB) Viewed 382 times
Best regards.
Tom - SP2L

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