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Start Time/Stop Time Woes

Posted: 31 Jan 2016, 17:21
by w0ls
It appears that I have been bit by this problem which has been talked about lately. I have been running with Log4OM for quite awhile and have not had any apparent problems. I have been uploading to lotw and have not noticed any contact validation issues between Lotw and what has been updated in LOTW. Within the last few days I started using Clublog. So yesterday I clicked on K5P in Clublog, and saw I had the correct number of contacts but noticed Clublog had only filled the timestamp on a couple of contacts. I tried to manually enter the time stamp from my log and that did not result in a match. So now I finally discovered the issue which has been talked about. In settings 1 I had the "SET start when leaving the CALLSIGN field" checked...big big mistake and I think that must have been the default. When working these dxpeditons I normally will enter a call, K5P, to get info and leave it there until I work them. In the meantime I will leave the call sign field and may do other log4om stuff ie bring up winkeyer whatever. So of course this sets the start time. I may not work the station for several hours. When I hit enter and finally log it, the start time and stop time are vastly different. Clublog I guess looks at the start time and of course that results in no match. I am not aware that I have had this issue with LOTW with differences in start/stop times. So I need to know what to do. The first thing I have done is uncheck the box in settings 1. Now I think I need to scan my entire log4om database and set start time equal to stop time. Then clear from Clublog and reload. But now I am wondering does LOTW deal with the data from log4om differently...does it look at the stop time and use it for the contact time? I might have a lot of LOTW contacts that should have resulted in a qsl that did not....And now I have also notice the issue about the date not advancing and I am not sure how that plays into my issues. I hope someone can sort this out for me and help me out.

Thanks and 73, Harry - W0LS

Re: Start Time/Stop Time Woes

Posted: 31 Jan 2016, 18:32
by K7PT
LOTW uses the start time plus/minus 30 minutes. I have no idea what ClubLog uses.

Re: Start Time/Stop Time Woes

Posted: 31 Jan 2016, 22:39
by w0ls
Thanks Chuck for your response. I was afraid that my whole log was messed up. I started looking back in the log and discovered that there were no qso end times in the log at all starting from about 3/15 going back to the beginning of the log...just start times. So I looked at the entries from 3/15 to current and for any where there was more than a 10 minute difference I just set the start time equal to the end time. I then uploaded the log back to LOTW and Clublog and things were resolved. My only question is how does one configure Log4OM to not record a qso end time? That behavior seemed to end all of a sudden around 3/15. Not sure what happened at that point. Well things seem to be ok now and if nothing else I learned some more by having to troubleshoot the problem.


Re: Start Time/Stop Time Woes

Posted: 31 Jan 2016, 23:22
by G4AON
With Clublog, I've noticed that if I edit the time on an entry it often results in a duplicate in Clublog if I have External logs set to "auto upload on new QSO" to Clublog... I'm not sure why Log4OM appears to create these duplicates. I've gone back to manual

73 Dave