regarding QSL List

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regarding QSL List

Post by TEX » 07 Sep 2016, 04:05

What is the difference in the meaning of ??:
Credit Granted
Credit Submitted

I know it sounds a stupid question BUT If I get a return QSL Card should I put in Confirmed or Validated ??
I think I understand Credit Granted/ Credit submitted for the relevant organisation like ARRL etc
What is the best way ?

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Re: regarding QSL List

Post by K7PT » 07 Sep 2016, 08:57

Confirmed means that you have received a card from the other station confirming your contact. Before you can "submit" that card for an award credit, you must have the card "validated". Validated means that the ARRL or an official card checker has "verified" that the call sign is valid for DXCC. In the case of a LOTW contact that is matched on LOTW, the fact that it was confirmed via LOTW automatically obtains a "validated/verified" status.

In the case of a "card checker", he/she will validate the card for you which means that you do not have to mail the card to the ARRL.

So, all cards go through the Validated process by one means or the other.

Hope this gives you some insight to the process.
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