Downloading LoTW: 0 QSO found

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Downloading LoTW: 0 QSO found

Post by PA3FQA » 26 Oct 2016, 17:01

Hi All,

Pretty new to LOG4OM here. I can upload to LoTW, but dowloading results in 0 QSO. But I know for sure there are some new QSLs on LoTW.
LOG4OM.JPG (41.45 KiB) Viewed 1531 times
What goes wrong here.
Any suggestions welcome

73 de Dick PA3FQA

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Re: Downloading LoTW: 0 QSO found

Post by G4POP » 26 Oct 2016, 18:46

This result is usually caused by using the wrong password for LOTW, it should be the password that you use to log into the LOTW online web page and should not contain any special characters like # @ ? % $ etc

Also try setting the download from date (QSL received since) to a very early date like 01/01/1980
73 Terry G4POP

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Re: Downloading LoTW: 0 QSO found

Post by ON3FZT » 27 Oct 2016, 16:50

Or "station location" is missing or not filled in

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