eQSL image download problem

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Re: eQSL image download problem

Post by DF5WW » 01 Feb 2018, 14:57

Hello Hans,

that makes no sense. eQSL rcvd Status means that the QSO is confirmed on eQSL and can be used
for eAwards. It counts also for Awards in the german DCL (there is an upload facility at eQSL) and
a graphic is not needed.

Downloaded images are not counting for other Awards like DCXX, WAS etc. etc.

If Log4OM sets the EQSL rcvd Status to N=NO we don´t have an oversight what is confirmed and what
is not. Those pictures are woth nothing. If i like to take a look to my card images i log in to my archive
at eQSL.cc. Not a "must have" for me to save them on my PC.

;) ;)
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