Help with Syntax

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Help with Syntax

Post by KI4TN » 12 Oct 2017, 22:24

I want to do a mass update of a field with the contents of another field. In my SOTA chaser activity, I want to copy the summit reference to the QTH field. I went to QSO Archive, selected several records, and chose Field Update. In the field drop down list, I chose the field I want to update (QTH) and in the value, I want it to copy the contents of Sota Reference. I have tried different ways to indicate the field name such as [Sota Ref], {Sota Ref}, and (Sota Ref), but I haven't discovered the right syntax to do what I want. Everything I have tried updates with the exact text I have typed and not the contents of the field.

I want to do this because the Log4OM printout has a QTH field and it would be nice to be able to print the Summit Reference in that field.

Thanks, Ron

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Re: Help with Syntax

Post by G4POP » 13 Oct 2017, 08:33

You can export the QSO's as a csv file with the fields configured to display your specific requirements including the SOTA REF filed? You can then print your log however you desire using a spread sheet!

It is because we provide the csv export facility in a definable way that we use a set print layout for basic paper log keeping.

Unless you are very well skilled in using regular expressions I would not suggest that you experiment with custom update queries, as we state in the LOg4OM Field update window "You could potentially destroy your log"
73 Terry G4POP

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