reportlistjt.txt missing +00 entry

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reportlistjt.txt missing +00 entry

Post by NS8K » 02 Jan 2018, 02:03

I log FT-8 contacts using JTAlert along with WSJT-X like many folks do. When a signal report of 0 is sent or received, it is logged as +00. The default reportlistjt.txt file that comes with Ver 1.30 does not have +00 as a value although it does have 00. QSO's log ok with +00 but if you open one to do maintenance, the value changes automagically to +30.

A quick fix is to edit the file and add +00 of course, but the distributed reportlistjt.txt file should probably be corrected.

Still loving Log4OM! Happy New Year to all.
73 - Tom NS8K

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