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The problem is Log4OM?

Posted: 19 Feb 2018, 07:49
by G4POP
I request that all users check their set up and PC settings before starting the blame game - "Log4OM doesn't work" or "Log4OM doesn't do this or that"

Of all of the help requests that we receive either here on the forum or by email, Skype, Facebook, Telephone or on the air 98% are either:

1. The user failed to install the program to "Run as an administrator" as detailed in the user guide and quick start guide

2. The user had failed to set the program up correctly i.e.. Had not created a database, failed to complete the options etc

3. Had a Firewall or anti virus program blocking correct operation.

4. The PC has a virus or Malware

5. Had not correctly set up CAT control by failing to correctly match things like baud rate and com ports

6. Had inadvertently deleted files or used a registry cleaner which had done so

7. Was no a paid member of so did not get a full lookup of call data

8. Had imported incomplete data from a previous logging program and then blamed Log4OM for the missing data

9. Had not installed LOTW TQSL software or used the wrong station location and then wondered why LOTW upload failed

10. Used incorrect log in user name or nickname for the other web based logbook uploads

Plus a hundred other used inflicted issues!

But most of all they had not read the Quick start guide, User Guide or watched the 22 YouTube tutorials.

Bottom line is - Please RTFM :evil:

Re: The problem is Log4OM?

Posted: 17 Mar 2018, 12:44
by N5INP
I agree Terry, they should do all those things but ... it's never going to happen, as you probably realize. People are very impatient and this software is a little intimidating. People are not inclined these days to RTFM until it doesn't work.

The only way around it is to make the software easier to run initially or have a walk-through setup that at least makes them look at the important steps they should do BEFORE even allowing them to start running it.

I understand your frustration, but the reality is it isn't going to happen, but at least you tried.

Re: The problem is Log4OM?

Posted: 18 May 2018, 09:47
by G4DWV - Guy
I agree with you both.

The problem with RTFM is that one would need to zoom in on the problem for the manual to be helpful. NOBODY is going to read the whole manual to solve a problem. Yes to help them do something, but not to fix an issue, manuals are not written for that in mind.

IMHO, the manual would need to have an index as well as a troubleshooting section to be helpful if there are problems. That would be a beginning, but not a substitute for a quickie question here.

Also, as I remember from my early days in computing when I started (April 1992!) the issue is not knowing what something is called to be able to look it up.

N5INP's idea to modify the install routine is an excellent one.

Just because an amateur has a licence, it should not be taken to assume that they are adept at using computers.

73 de Guy G4DWV 4X1LT

Re: The problem is Log4OM?

Posted: 18 May 2018, 11:22
by G4POP
The manual is easily searched by word using Find or the PDF magnifier, unfortunateely no one tries this

Re: The problem is Log4OM?

Posted: 18 May 2018, 12:12
by G4DWV - Guy
The problem with searching the manual is that problem phrases do not bring up any hits. I have just tried a few. Also, everybody is different as to what they would use to search for a given situation. For example, what I may call a crash, you may call a freeze.

Manuals are not designed to troubleshoot. Sure, the answer will be there, but it is the difficulty of finding it. A few pages of FAQs and/or a troubleshooting section, with many included key words would help, maybe.

OTOH, the traffic in this forum is not that great that there should be a cull of those who do not RTFM. What better advertisement for a new user than to get a warm welcome and a helpful response even though they did not RTFM.

Re: The problem is Log4OM?

Posted: 28 May 2018, 15:09
Solution A) without manual the program is undocumented. Someone complains

Solution B) with short manual the program is documented, but a lot of hidden features and "how do you expect i can know that" will arise. Someone complains

Solution C) with a big manual, tutorials and everything else someone will says: ok, it's documented, but i have lack of time so i will ask to someone to read the manual. Also, big manual can be scary, and someone, finally, complains.

Assuming we're catching almost every bug on the code and real "bugs" are very rare at this stage, the issue usually reside on the user side of the keyboard. We cannot ask users to use their brain, we provide full support but let us moaning a bit…

By the way, our path is C.

Re: The problem is Log4OM?

Posted: 21 Feb 2019, 05:46
by n6oil
Have them try DXlab and ask them to report back. You can delete this if you wish it won't offend me, but I think you get my drift.

Re: The problem is Log4OM?

Posted: 23 Feb 2019, 14:20
by G4DWV - Guy
n6oil wrote:
21 Feb 2019, 05:46
Have them try DXlab and ask them to report back. You can delete this if you wish it won't offend me, but I think you get my drift.
The DXLab documentation is very good indeed, starting with simple guides to the complex stuff.
MultiPSK anybody?