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Post by 9h1tt » 30 Jun 2018, 16:29

Hello friends,

I just installed a cw interface and trying sending cw with the winkeyer but i am noticing that when i press ADD QSO the call sign remains instaed of clearing the call sign window.

Any help pls?
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Re: CW

Post by W7DRM » 01 Jul 2018, 20:25

Hello Andrea,

Yes, when you press the Add button on the main Log4OM window, it clears the Callsign field in the main window, but the Callsign field in the WinKeyer window is not cleared. You are correct. But when you enter a new callsign in the main Callsign field, or click on a cluster spot, the new callsign is updated in the WinKeyer window - callsign field.

I have to ask, what difference does it make that the Winkeyer callsign field is not cleared? Just trying to understand.

Thanks and 73,
Doug - W7DRM

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Re: CW

Post by IW3HMH » 04 Jul 2018, 15:18

Logging is possible from winkeyer screen
Whatever happens in main Log4OM screen will stay there.

If you use the ADD QSO button on winkeyer it should work as you need.
Daniele Pistollato - IW3HMH

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