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Can't get RIG2 to work

Posted: 10 Aug 2018, 16:02
by G4GNX
I posted this on Facebook and it was suggested that I repeat it here:

Our local club has 2 rigs - an Elecraft K3 and an Icom IC7300.
We also have two separate laptop computers.
One (old) laptop runs Windows XP and I know that Log4OM no longer supports that. The other laptop is fairly new and runs Windows 10.
Log4OM loads and runs quite happily on both laptops, but there's one issue common to both.
We can setup RIG1 as (say) the K3 at 34800 baud and it works fine, but setting up RIG2 as the IC7300 at 19200 baud will not work. Switch to RIG1 - all OK, switch to RIG2 - no communication or frequency display/mode display etc., and no error message.
Reversing the setup so that the IC7300 is RIG1 and the K3 is RIG2, RIG1 works as required, RIG2 - no communication or frequency display etc.,
What are we doing wrong or is it a bug?

It has been suggested that I need to ensure that I'm using the latest version of Log4OM and OmniRig, both with Administrator privileges when installing. Any other tips would be appreciated.

Re: Can't get RIG2 to work

Posted: 11 Aug 2018, 04:54
by G4POP
Did my answer on Facebook not fix it?

Re: Can't get RIG2 to work

Posted: 11 Aug 2018, 14:05
by G4GNX
Not exactly Terry.

I re-installed Log4OM and OmniRig (latest versions) as Administrator, but I also had to replace/install a lot of new Rig 'ini' files. I also realised that there was an issue with the IC7300 driver and an install of the latest version sorted out a missing port and USB error message. The Windows 10 laptop is now working OK.

On the old XP machine, a past user had set themself up as Administrator and at present I can't get hold of the password. Also, I can't install the very latest version of Log4OM because the current version of .net Framework is not usable with XP. However, I did re-install the slightly older version of Log4OM and OmniRig and loaded some missing 'ini' files and I now have that one working as well.

The old XP laptop is only worth keeping as a standby in emergency and I suspect that it will be removed from our inventory soon, as it's just not worth bothering with.

Anyway, thanks for your help which pointed me in the right direction.

Re: Can't get RIG2 to work

Posted: 11 Aug 2018, 14:38
by G4POP
I am pleased you are now up and running gd dx