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changing rig VFO from Log4oM

Posted: 06 Sep 2018, 19:13
by Johngm
This may have been covered before. Can you switch VFOs on rig from Log4oM. All working ok using Cat.
Rig is Yaesu FT 950, VFO a and VFO b show on computer, would be nice to switch vfo from log.
Using Windows 8.2.
Apart from this am very pleased with Log4oM
John G0IJM / G8VQM

Re: changing rig VFO from Log4oM

Posted: 08 Sep 2018, 07:19
by DF5WW
Hi John,

donĀ“t know that Hamlib and/or Omnirig providing a function like this.
If yes ist could be possible that Lele can implementing a function like
this by clicking on the VFO A or VFO B frequency ....

If not we have to change VFO A/B on the transceiver himself ... ;) ;)