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CAT Control Yeasu 817-ND

Posted: 19 Sep 2018, 19:17
by shovell
Hi All,
Can you help - I cannot get the CAT connection to work - Yeasu 817-ND (USB Cable)
I have connected to other software packages and controllers with this cable and Radio

Any ideas?


Re: CAT Control Yeasu 817-ND

Posted: 19 Sep 2018, 21:06
by DF5WW
Some ideas, smile ....

Which CAT control you are using in Log4OM ? Hamlib (which is integrated) or Omnirig (which needs a seperate
installation) ? Did you have installed Log4OM and Omnirig with administrator privileges ? Both, Omnirig and
Log4OM, needs a "Run as Administrator" installation. If that all is o.k. you have to set Omnirig to FT-817 and
you need the correct virtual COM port from your USB. All settings in Omnirig and your CAT in your TRX must
be identical ....

If you are unsure check our great manual. Normally Log4OM/Omnirig/FT-817 working fine together ... ;) ;)

By the way, it would be fine to have a name and a callsign .... ;) ;)