Sat qso with Log4OM & FT847

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Sat qso with Log4OM & FT847

Post by ta2nc » 02 Oct 2018, 16:25

Hello all,
trying to test Log4OM software for my satellite qsos.

I am using pstrotator for track and doppler shift for satellites.
What i notice on my tests,
The TX and RX frequencies on pstrotator(and rig) and log4om are different.
It seems they seem like swapped.

When logging my TX frequency should be logged normally
But it seems this is valid only if i log qso during tx'ing..

I mean.. for a satellite, with uplink vhf, downlink uhf, i should be logging qso by tx (vhf frequency)
but as you can see log4om showing reverse of it..
Is there any setting that i can change or not?
Or do you have any other solution than txing during log record..

rigcontrol is done by omnirig with 847pst.ini file..
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