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Posted: 20 Nov 2018, 09:11
by G4POP
To set the record straight here is the reason we instruct users to run the software as an administrator:

Ninety present of our users use Omnirig and a very large, but unknown, proportion of them integrate other software that take advantage of Omnirig's multithreading capabilities.

If Log4OM is used to start Omnirig it has to be started as admin because Omnirig requires admin privileges in order to share connections with multiple programs and it uses the privileges set by the software that starts it.

If you do not start Omnirig as admin then there is no reason to start Log4OM as admin, assuming you have authorized Log4OM to work in your LAN, allowing it to open services to communicate.

As a "fail safe" rule, starting Log4OM as admin will solve 99% of the problems experienced by unskilled users that do not know how to deal with firewalls and UAC, as a precaution we assume that Omnirig is started as admin and it's services will be shared by multiple programs.

So if Omnirig has to be run as admin then all programs connecting to it or starting it have to do the same.