External source and SCL question

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Re: External source and SCL question

Post by G4POP » 13 Apr 2019, 07:30

IW3HMH wrote:
13 Apr 2019, 06:47
Log4OM bases his checks on a file called COUNTRY.XML
This file is the only source used for cluster scanning, due to performance needs (it's expensive to check clublog and other sources while receiving a long list of spots).
COUNTRY file contains all the rules to determine if a callsign belongs to a country or another one, with exceptions that are handled in a later time, at time of logging when the callsign is active (qrz/hamqth/clublog/etc)

In this case Norfolk Islands are mapped VK9N*
The callsign reported use a different naming pattern (VI9N*) so the solution is to add this pattern to the country file in order to allow log4OM to identify that call correctly while scanning for cluster.

Blank cluster items are often mistakes made when callsign was typed, but sometime happens that we get a "new one", never seen pattern. In that case we update the regular expression pattern on the country file and everything works again.

Country file uploaded to centralized distribution system, force a download if you experience troubles.


He is not referring to the cluster it's the 'COUNTRY' Field in input! The call seems to be in Clublog file according to Doug
73 Terry G4POP

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Re: External source and SCL question

Post by N9LQ » 13 Apr 2019, 13:50

I downloaded the new, updated country file, and it is now working great! Thank you to everyone who pitched in to help me get this fixed, and also to better understand this awesome program. I really appreciate your help and support!
73, Joel

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