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Icom IC-9700

Posted: 15 May 2019, 23:37
by G4GNX
I'm having a few issues getting Log4OM to work with the new IC-9700, the way I want.

This question may be more appropriate to OmniRig, but I'll try here first.

I have written a .ini file for OmnRig, which should allow Log4OM to display VFO A and VFO B frequencies at the same time. For some reason I can only see one or the other in a single frequency window and the display does not change, always showing the data as VFO A. The VFO A and B simultaneous display works fine for my K3S, so it may be a missing parameter in the OmniRig file, but which one? I'm using command 25 (0/1) for VFO A and B.

Also, I'm using Log4OM in conjunction with OmniRig, with LP-Bridge providing multiple pseudo ports for my K3S. My IC-9700 is connected directly via USB. There are no comm port conflicts between the rigs. The K3S is designated as Rig 1 and the IC-9700 is designated as Rig 2 in OmniRig and they are selectable from Log4OM. My issue is that Log4OM will only communicate with Rig 2 (IC-9700) if Rig 1 (K3S) is switched on and connected via LP-Bridge. Without Rig 1 being on, there is no comms or display from Rig 2. Is this a bug, or something I'm doing wrong?

Re: Icom IC-9700

Posted: 16 May 2019, 08:42
by G4POP
Did you try comparing the file that you made to one of the Icom files that we know had dual VFO support?


Re: Icom IC-9700

Posted: 16 May 2019, 20:46
by G4GNX
Hi Terry.

It looks like the status command for reading TX frequency, using '03' only seems to read only one VFO. Using '1C03' reads both.
As expected, when the rig is in memory mode, because only a single frequency is stored, only VFO A is displayed. However, if I switch to VFO and back to memory, the memory frequency is displayed as expected, but VFO B is also displayed as the last known VFO B frequency, which no longer exists. This may be an oddity in the rig, but I can live with it.

None of the above addresses the issue of having to have Rig 1 connected and switched on, in order to have Rig 2 displayed. Any ideas?

Re: Icom IC-9700

Posted: 17 May 2019, 07:30
by G4POP
What version number of Log4OM and Omnirig are you using?

Did you try with K3 connected direct instead of via LPBridge?