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Cluster notification

Post by W3LI » 16 Sep 2019, 14:55

Been a while since i have ask for help ,however I can not find the answer in the User Manual. I sure it is there but unable to find. Is there anyway to use color on the Cluster to show when a band or freq is posted. For instance when 6m is active I would like to be alerted via a color that there is activity. This could be by band or use freq to detect activity. Do not need to know if a country or state or call has been worked or not worked. do not need email or phone alerts.

Another thing, Under Log 4OM settings > Temp path I see c:\users\Anderson\desktop. Something changed as I wanted the path to go to my flash drive (f:). How
do I right that path to my flash dr?

Thanks folks, Andy...W3LI

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