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sh/dx cluster processing

Posted: 30 Sep 2019, 22:27
by w9mdb
It would appear that Log4OM cluster processing does not recognize the sh/dx command results?
This is from

10115.0 A82X 30-Sep-2019 2225Z Up EL <W5ZN>
18130.0 TI2CC 30-Sep-2019 2224Z CQ DX +TI <TI2SS>
14195.0 HQ9X 30-Sep-2019 2224Z +HR <KC7ZON>
14238.0 WW0WWV 30-Sep-2019 2224Z 59 INTO ONT CANADA +K <VA3TIC>
10137.3 CO0CHE 30-Sep-2019 2223Z FT8 CM <R7KAZ>
7076.0 LW7DXQ 30-Sep-2019 2223Z tnx drOM GLDX 73s LU <PY4EP>
7006.0 ZB2FK 30-Sep-2019 2223Z Heard in MD ZB <W3LPL-3>
7158.0 IS0HNA 30-Sep-2019 2222Z cq IS <EA1FGS>
3793.0 VK6APZ 30-Sep-2019 2222Z 59 now VK <VA2GU>
10136.0 F6ARS 30-Sep-2019 2222Z FT8 -08dB from JN18 2116Hz+F <SP6ATG>
14263.0 ZZ40ZT 30-Sep-2019 2222Z PY <K4PZZ>
18150.0 KM6TS 30-Sep-2019 2221Z CA K <HC5DX>
7020.1 HI9/F5PLR 30-Sep-2019 2220Z CQ +HI <N4VN>
21022.0 A35JT 30-Sep-2019 2220Z Heard in AZ A3 <W3LPL-3>
18104.4 A35JT 30-Sep-2019 2220Z FT-8 F&H Tnx QSO A3 <K1HZ>
10115.0 A82X 30-Sep-2019 2220Z don't tune on his TX freq EL <9Z4Y>
7039.5 K2DSW 30-Sep-2019 2220Z IA +K <K2SQS>
3573.0 D44TWO 30-Sep-2019 2219Z -11db Danke Harald first qso J<PY2KNK>
7074.6 IW9CAR 30-Sep-2019 2219Z FT8 I <SQ8MXR>
18104.0 A35JT 30-Sep-2019 2219Z F/H A3 <AB4UF>
3573.9 S92HP 30-Sep-2019 2219Z FT8 TNX QSO 73 .) +S9 <CT2FEY>
7047.0 A82Z 30-Sep-2019 2219Z F/H EL <IK2HKT>
21022.0 A35JT 30-Sep-2019 2218Z Up A3 <W5ZN>
14084.0 A82Z 30-Sep-2019 2218Z FT8 F/H only NA EL <DF1BN>
5357.0 VP8EME 30-Sep-2019 2218Z FT8 ,Tnx VP8 <EA7JXZ>
7017.0 DL1DEJ 30-Sep-2019 2217Z cq DL <EA1FGS>
14248.8 TI5/N3KS 30-Sep-2019 2216Z +TI <WX9C>
1840.0 CX6VM 30-Sep-2019 2216Z under ei8iu +CX <DK9WI>
18071.6 HQ9X 30-Sep-2019 2216Z +HR <W5ZN>
14074.0 9G2HO 30-Sep-2019 2216Z FT8 +9G <N6QQ>
W9MDB de W3LPL 30-Sep 2225Z arc >

Re: sh/dx cluster processing

Posted: 30 Sep 2019, 23:08
by G4POP
I asked Lele to look at your problem, I will ask again