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Conflicting messages

Posted: 28 Oct 2018, 01:39
by VK7XX
I was just setting up to try and work VP6D and noticed conflicting messages on the Log4om version main screen. Above the callsign on the left top it says (black writing on a green background) WKD SAME BAND and on the botttom right (blach writing on an orange background) it says NEW BAND. I have not worked this station on this band before nor have I worked any other VP6 on this band.

I have included a screen shot as an attachment (size considerably reduced so the system would accept the file)...


Re: Conflicting messages

Posted: 28 Oct 2018, 05:46
by G4POP
Send me an ADIF file of your log by email please

Re: Conflicting messages

Posted: 28 Oct 2018, 19:40
by VK7XX
sorry for the delayed reply Terry, not been well here. My problem seems to have somehow corrected itself, When I started up Log4om a moment ago I dialed in the same band and frequency they typed in the same callsign and now, up the top instead of saying WRKD SAME BAND it just says WORKED, which is correct.

I have no idea what caused the issue in the screen shot and apologies for taking up your time

regards John