Import Bug 1.17.*

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Import Bug 1.17.*

Post by DF1LX » 19 Apr 2014, 10:39


(Remark - import error found - based on wrong handle)

I did a complete newintallation (deleted ALL SQLITE and Log4OM files before!).
I tried to import an ADIF File generated from DXlab (Log4OM tells me 25279 QSOs)
I marked "Update countries in ADIF")
- I checked with LM8 that there are 25279 QSOs inside - 18000 unique and 8000 "dupes" - dupes mean - worked twice or more on different DATEs (like contest ,....)

Import took around 10min. on a DuoCore 2*2.5Ghz with 4Gb Ram. - Ok - heavy to do -

Afterwards Log4OM show me 55000 QSOs in the database (2times more).
I exported this Log into a CSV (why do you use | as seperator?) - count was really 55xxx. Checking the "dupes" the time was once ending in :00 and the dupe was the correct one like :15

I feel, that the import function is not working as before (maybe based on the mark of "updated countries in ADIF"?). And I miss any info, that the program is working (only the Sandclock :) can be seen - maybe a counter or % sign to show what is ongoing may be nice e.g. import ADIF -> counter up to existing lines - then the conversion is ongoing -> counter going down to 0 will be more effective for the user to see something is ongoing (and in the background everything is stopped like Cluster ... could it not done as in multitask enviroments to give e.g. 20% CPU time to the cluster, ...?)

Ok -. I found the ERROR - I pressed the SAVE button too early (I did not wait until the OK was given) - maybe you have to disable the "Disc" Save during import

I see some lines with "DXCC has changed from 126 to 15 -> others are like "from " to Finland ... interesting...

One more remark: Within the main window I can see teh DX spots - could it be possible to add a funtion that show me the spotter (if I go to the DX spot)? I am a little bit lost in this screen and I must switch to the cluster to see, who spotted this DX (Intersting to see, if I may hear the DX too)
Greetings and CW for ever

Peter DF1LX

see u on the band

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