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Truncated log

Post by K0HB » 06 Jul 2017, 04:02

My log is approaching 100,000 contacts.

Each launch (and exit) is delayed quite a bit as this is loaded (or backed up at exit).

In the "new" version, a provision to load only the last "rolling" year (or some user specified value) would be useful. Maybe with a button to "load full log" on demand.
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Re: Truncated log

Post by DF5WW » 06 Jul 2017, 10:19

Hello Hans,

think it´s the better way to have a delay at startup and exit. If only the "last rolling year"
is loaded you have a delay every time when you type in a call. Log4OM checks now for
"Worked" or "Worked same band" (as example) and have to crawl the whole database from
sqlite file. If the database is loaded completely at starup it´s located in the fast RAM and
all checks are much quicker.

Also an exit will be need more time so the backup function has to backup the whole DB.
If you have only a year in the RAM Log4OM has to load the complete DB again b4 it can
make a full backup ...

Not shure that i described correct but that´s what i think ;) ;)
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Re: Truncated log

Post by IW3HMH » 10 Jul 2017, 12:09

Only statistics are loaded and parsed at the startup.
The Whole log is not in memory, but it's accessed by db keys time to time. That is pretty faster.

The little slowdown may be associated to the statistic load process or to a unnecessary high number of qso displayed in the main screen (default is set to 5000) that needs time to be loaded and rendered.

Shutdown timings is related to ADIF export, that is made qso by qso. It actually takes some seconds to export a 100.000 QSO log, but ADIF is the safest way to save your log (i can make a database backup that will be faster, but your data will not be available in the same way as an ADIF export)
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