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What Log4OM is

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Log4OM is a free software
Log4OM is documented
Log4OM has a Facebook page
Log4OM has a rich forum with tons of information
Log4OM has manuals wrote in 3 different languages
Log4OM has several videos on YouTube
Log4OM has probably one of the better communities and surely the most devoted support team

But while every resource is unlimited, our support team is not unlimited.

Please, before calling our guys for support try to use what we provide, because it's probably covered there and it's available with a Google search.

Please, before calling our team members during their DX activities on radio to ask for support for something well documented and asked several dozens of times on forum, take a breath and ask yourself if you did your part in the path to the resolution of your issue.

We're here for pleasure, as you are. Don't waste our time, is precious and we don't have unlimited resources!

We're happy to help and listen your issues and suggestions, and to help everyone, but show us you tried to fix your issue before calling for help. And You will find us, always.


Daniele IW3HMH
Daniele Pistollato - IW3HMH