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Re: Omni Rig

Post by N7RD » 16 Apr 2018, 01:43

Okay Terry, was a long struggle as I am not too much of a computer fella, hi. Anyhow, I had to go into the Afeet folder and remove the .ini files, seems it was the old .ini file that did not have the IC-7600 v2 in it. After I deleted it and installed the new .ini file in the main folder the IC-7600v2 .ini file showed up and the rig works fine. It was all my lack of not being much of a computer person. Finally I thought just how hard could this be? Well anyhow I in my own slow way figured it out and it was not hard at all. Seemed every time I would upload the new ini file it would not copy over the existing one until I deleted it, silly me. All is fine in Log4om mode here in Arizona. That .ini also fixed the CW-r problem, just a case of being a bit computer dumb. I thank you for all your efforts, I have watched many of your videos and they are all very good and i am learning more and more about just how great this program is from them. Sorry I have been such a bother as I know it must get old messing with folks like myself that lack what is needed to understand things until we just finally figure them out. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart and wishing you all the best from Arizona.

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