Will you use Windows when you have to pay?

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Will you use Windows when you have to pay?

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We all know that a new version of LOG4OM is in development. Looking forward, the question for many may be will I be using Windows? On Friday, several credible media outlets confirmed that Microsoft will be rolling out a program, called “managed desktop” that will have you paying a monthly fee to use Windows 10. According to the report, MS had “no comment”. It’s no surprise as Adobe is already doing it with their software such as Photoshop and Lightroom. When Windows 10 was offered “free”, I kept saying there are no free lunches. Too bad that LOG4OM has not considered a Mac version. I’m not sure what I would do w/o LOG4OM – definitely a great piece of software.

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Re: Will you use Windows when you have to pay?

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Windows is absolutely free for all (non commercial) users.. Where is the problem ?

Next users asking for Ubntu/Kubuntu or other Linux distributions ...
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Re: Will you use Windows when you have to pay?

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It's not matter of "considering" or "not considering" a MAC version.
Actually .NET framework run in windows environment, while there are attempts and projects to move to MAC and UNIX.

.CORE framework will run natively on all OS but is not made for user interfaces but only for services and similar

Developing a "cross" solution, to the date, will require JAVA, that means a complete rewrite of all the code.
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