We only try to help!

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We only try to help!

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Please be aware that sarcastic, scathing, insulting, rude and caustic comments inferring that we dont try to assist users just because you did not immediately receive a solution to your problem may result in your posts being ignored in the future.

While we understand your frustration and also that perhaps sometimes you have other personal problems to deal with or may have had a few drinks and its late at night, it is no reason to give the team a hard time.

We are all unpaid volunteers and have our own lives to lead and we may also be in different time zones and sleeping! so if a reply is not received as fast as you might like try to be patient.

As always the first things to do if help is required is to:
  • Download the latest user guide and read it!
  • Watch the YouTube tutorials.
  • Search this forum to see if the problem has already been answered or marked as a bug.
If none of the above help you to resolve your problem then post your question, stating:
  • Windows OS
  • Processor and ram type
  • Log4OM release number
  • Release numbers of associated software
  • Radio make and model
  • CAT Interface
  • Cat control type (Hamlib or Omnirig)
73 Terry G4POP