Keeping value in "Select Awards"

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Keeping value in "Select Awards"

Post by CT1BXX » 17 Mar 2013, 17:47

I would like to ask about the possibility of keeping the last choice within Statistics/Awards/ in the "Select Award" box. We always have DXCC 160m or IOTA 160m .
It would be nice to keep the last choice, otherwise we always need to select; usually we use the same option, depending the award we are working. ( In my case I only use Mixed for DXCC and IOTA).
73 Manuel Fernando CT1BXX
73 Manuel Fernando CT1BXX

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Re: Keeping value in "Select Awards"

Post by K7PT » 17 Mar 2013, 23:22

There has been numerous requests for the program to save the last setting/selections for any page. It's been on our work list for sometime now. Not sure when Daniele will get around to it.
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Re: Keeping value in "Select Awards"

Post by IW3HMH » 24 Mar 2013, 15:04

Added to the list.
Award list is dynamic, so i need a little more thoughts to make it working as expected.

Daniele Pistollato - IW3HMH

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