Problems with Log4OM - OmniRig and Icom 7300

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Problems with Log4OM - OmniRig and Icom 7300

Post by HonestRick » 13 Jul 2019, 21:07

I've been successfully using Log4OM with OmniRig and a Flex 6300. However, I just purchased an Icom 7300, downloaded the latest OmniRig, set the configuration to Icom 7300 and proper COM port and baud rate and Log4OM doesn't seem to recognize it or display the frequency. Help!!!

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Re: Problems with Log4OM - OmniRig and Icom 7300

Post by G4POP » 14 Jul 2019, 18:47

Did you follow the Icom instructions and install the ICOM USB drivers to your computer BEFORE CONNECTING THE RADIO TO THE COMPUTER? The default Windows USB drivers will not work.

Did you ensure that the 7300 menu for the USB cable is set to do CAT control?

If your using the 'REMOTE' connection instead of the USB connection, what interface are you using?

Have you made sure that the Omnirig selected Com port is correct?

Is the baud rate set in Omnirig the same that is set in the 7300 menu?
73 Terry G4POP

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