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Email support requests

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Unless specifically requested to do so, please do not send email or messenger support enquiries direct to Lele, me or the Alpha team!


1. It distracts us from Log4OM development and testing when most questions received have either already been answered on the forum or the answer is in the user guide - A simple forum or PDF search would have revealed the answer!

2. Those questions which are not available using the search facilities are best shared for the benefit of all users on the forum instead of just one individual, plus it is saved on the forum for discovery by users at some time in the future.

As an example I have just completed a long series of emails with a user about a subject that would have been of interest to all Log4OM users but by direct email only one user has benefitted!

So search the forum, user guide and YouTube tutorials for the answer first!

If the answer cannot be found post a fully detailed question on the forum where several thousand other users may have the answer you require or the support team will respond.
73 Terry G4POP