Long delay after entering call sign

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Long delay after entering call sign

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Hi - I'm using the current version of Log4OM, Windows 10 laptop, Ethernet connection, Gigabit internet. Each time I enter a new call sign to log a QSO, there is a long delay while L4OM looks up the entry in QRZ. (I have a premium subscription with XML access). It takes about 30 seconds before I can do anything else in the program- it becomes totally unresponsive.

Note this delay is not when I try to log the QSO - it's as soon as I enter a call sign (or part of a call sign).

Is it normal for the QRZ lookup to take so long? Is it related to the computer hardware/speed in any way? Anything in the configuration that would speed this up?

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Re: Long delay after entering call sign

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Similar has been reported, but (unfortunately) none of us on the Alpha or Beta teams have been able to replicate and thus have not yet been able to provide more information to Lele to help debug.

Regardless ... take a look at the posts below in the two links and see if such is similar to what you have noted.

If so ... pls create a support request (as was noted in one of the threads) and send the information to Lele - IW3HMH at his e-mail is QRZ.com


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