Alinco DX-SR9 CAT interface

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Alinco DX-SR9 CAT interface

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Hello and Happy New year!

I am trying to connect my Alinco DX-SR9 by selecting Hamlib and rig DX-SR8.
I am using Win 10 and the cable that I have connects the radio with the laptop using DriveR8 by Nick Bailey just fine.
I can control the radio from the laptop at 9600 baud.
Although I do follow the procedure and log4om shows connected I do not get the frequency display on.
I posted this topic by mistake on on log4OM V1 and Juergen DF5WW kindly replied and suggested to upgrade to V2.
So I am reposting on the correct V2 board.
I had version V2 2.13 installed.
I downloaded and installed 2.25 and now radio is connected but nothing shows on the frequency screen of log4om.
I can now switch bands and modes by clicking from the CAT control window and if I click on the frequency digits they do change on the radio but still no frequency shows up on the log4om display.
Do you thing there is a way to solve this issue?
Hamlib supports DX-SR8 which is actually the same radio minus the SDR function with the SR9.
Can you please provide any assistance.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.


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Hamlib connected.JPG
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