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by DF5WW
01 May 2021, 16:04
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Forum registration
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Re: Forum registration

Again a few words to the registration. As Terry described ,a longer time ago, we do have had a lot of Spam attacks in the past. That is the reason that we have an administrative to activate accounts. If you like to register to this Forum please use your official Ham callsign to register. We don´t ac...
by DF5WW
30 Apr 2021, 15:53
Forum: User support
Topic: G90 Omnirig settings
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Re: G90 Omnirig settings

My setup is working fine, you have only to change the COM to the one that your G90 has created: By the way, it´s a great one of those little radios. Since i have one i do more and more SSB on 80 meters. The Audio of th...
by DF5WW
29 Apr 2021, 16:14
Forum: Error reports
Topic: 2 callsigns and LoTW upload
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Re: 2 callsigns and LoTW upload

Active call will be uploaded after close. So they have different TQSL certificates. For uploading
the second call you have to activate this setup and then close Log4OM again. The "problem" is TQSL
and it´s different certificates. Think Lele can´t do anything in that case.

;) ;)
by DF5WW
28 Apr 2021, 04:46
Forum: User Support
Topic: Adding support for a rig
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Re: Adding support for a rig

Log4OM don´t have an own list of radios. We are using Hamlib and/or Omnirig for CAT control. You may check the Hamlib or Omnirig download sites to find a rigfile for your Xiegu or check the transceivers manual for the CAT connection. My G90 using the Icom IC-7100 CAT protocol and he works fine with ...
by DF5WW
24 Apr 2021, 05:10
Forum: General discussions
Topic: New Mode Q65
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Re: New Mode Q65

Not a new TQSL release, a new configuration file. It´s also in the Submode list of ADIF 3.12.
Mode is MFSK and Submode Q65.
by DF5WW
15 Apr 2021, 14:48
Forum: Feature suggestions
Topic: Generate and send qsl card via email
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Re: Generate and send qsl card via email

Hi all What is an email QSL valid for ? Could be valid for everything. Since years it´s not longer needed that a QSL is signed by hand. We operate with labels and we print into QSL cards so why should an Email QSL not be valid ? I use LotW, i use EQSL (AG), also Clublog and the german DCL and some ...
by DF5WW
14 Apr 2021, 15:35
Forum: German language forum
Topic: Datenübernahme vonWSJTX
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Re: Datenübernahme vonWSJTX

Hallo Sigi, einmal wird eine ADIF Message an Log4OM gesendet und des weiteren kann man das Call an Log4OM senden über den 2. UDP Port von WSJT-X. Das wäre dann die JT-Message. Beide müssen natürlich in Log4OM unter Connections eingetragen sein und aktiv (Häkchen gesetzt. Das ganze findest Du aber au...
by DF5WW
12 Apr 2021, 14:54
Forum: User support
Topic: QSL via Bureau
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Re: QSL via Bureau

Terry i think you´re right. That problem is made by AB1WG himself and the info´s he stored at
Think Lele can´t do anything about this.

;) ;)
by DF5WW
08 Apr 2021, 09:06
Forum: User support
Topic: QSL Confirmation struggle
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Re: QSL Confirmation struggle

I use "Requested" for QSL´s which i have ordered via OQRS like ClubLog or other OQRS services. All my QSL send statuses are at "No" but if i received a card i set to send = "Quequed". With this option i search the Log for the label print. So i send only cards if i receive qsl before. After print the...
by DF5WW
06 Apr 2021, 12:02
Forum: User support
Topic: View > Award status: Award list empty
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Re: View > Award status: Award list empty

Hello Markus, nothing will be lost so the database is userdefined and also the setup. So the json file for your own config won´t be overwritten nor the sqlite file of your own setup. It´s the same as with the "installed" Version. You can install over the old installation but the files for your setup...