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24 Sep 2021, 08:06
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Strange WAS award problem
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Re: Strange WAS award problem

Log4OM updates the "state" field according to the LOTW data, that are assumed as the "most accurate" (by the way, the state is used by WAS, so it's a good choice to use the same info coming from the award issuer...) If you use DEBUG mode (help -> log level) you will see in the do...
21 Sep 2021, 08:13
Forum: General discussions
Topic: "View, Award Status, Update Process?
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Re: "View, Award Status, Update Process?

Hi, i’ve verified the issue reported and seems not a software issue. Log4OM assumes that an award is “verified” when a specific situation is met. The situation is a specific confirmation type (QSL, LOTW, EQSL, …) OR a “manual” confirmation provided by the award managers that is sent by something els...
15 Sep 2021, 08:42
Forum: Error reports
Topic: new TCI released and issues with EESDR 3
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Re: new TCI released and issues with EESDR 3

I'll check...
unfortunately i've my ham radio shack packed due to some homeworks, i'll try to check if it's an easy fix
31 Aug 2021, 06:54
Forum: User support
Topic: Log4OM uploading QSOs that are LOTW duplicates
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Re: Log4OM uploading QSOs that are LOTW duplicates

That's a weird thing... why LOTW enters a "suppression mode" if the output is intended to deal with an application?
i'll search for a solution, thanks for the info
23 Aug 2021, 09:42
Forum: Error reports
Topic: Winkeyer/Contest mode
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Re: Winkeyer/Contest mode

No, it's not a bug. there are 4 fields, according to ADIF specifications, to save Received and Transmitted exchanges in contest. sRx, sRxString sTx, sTxString the "string" version is always saved, while the non string version (numeric field) is saved only if the string version is a number....
23 Aug 2021, 07:50
Forum: General discussions
Topic: WAZ displayed in order
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Re: WAZ displayed in order

That's not a bug. Log4OM award system is not specifically built for managing a single award on it's on way. The references are stored in an alphanumeric field as they must accept a number as well as a SOTA reference. Default grid sorting for .NET Framework (and generically windows applications) for ...
04 Aug 2021, 08:45
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Expert SunSDR2 DX
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Re: Expert SunSDR2 DX

Log4OM in 2.16 release now works with tci 1.5 for cat and cw

Inviato dal mio SM-A715F utilizzando Tapatalk

27 Jul 2021, 15:54
Forum: User support
Topic: ADIF Import - TIME_OFF field ignored? (Version
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Re: ADIF Import - TIME_OFF field ignored? (Version

checking the import routine. Thanks for checks
22 Jul 2021, 10:06
Forum: User Support
Topic: WinKeyer Shortcuts / Macros
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Re: WinKeyer Shortcuts / Macros

In V. 2.16 we will reinstate the list of macro keys in the keyer interface. Here the list you can use <MY_CALL> or * My callsign <CALL> or ! Counterpart callsign (from keyer screen) <STRX> RST received (from keyer form) with 9 replaced by N <STTX> RST sent (from keyer form) with 9 replaced by N <STR...
21 Jul 2021, 07:36
Forum: Feature suggestions
Topic: Winkeyer Page Spot Reporting & Course Line Graphics
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Re: Winkeyer Page Spot Reporting & Course Line Graphics

Hi John, thanks for the head up on spot button in the keyer page. It's shown when the cluster reports being connected, but if the cluster is already running when you open the screen that will never happens... Added a check on screen loading to verify cluster status. About the visibility of the start...