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by g0ggg
17 Jan 2020, 18:14
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Topic: TCP Inbound Connection
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Re: TCP Inbound Connection

Should work ok, I can feed Gridtracker with MSHV, WSJTX or JTDX displays hrd #s on map and if log4om logging is enable retransmissions the QSO in case to a remote logger PC.

Good Luck if can be of help please email

by g0ggg
17 Jan 2020, 17:45
Forum: Error reports
Topic: Flex Multiple Slices + Omnirig
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Re: Flex Multiple Slices + Omnirig

I have testing qso logging with multi-slices where log4om is on a different PC and found it work ok with wsjtx & mshv previously not supported on V1. Note I've tested the logging QSO the area I may use in the future. On Mshv only use the message_ADif option (middle tick) & wsjtx only use the second ...
by g0ggg
16 Jan 2020, 18:07
Forum: User support
Topic: v2 and eQSL
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Re: v2 and eQSL

hI Eric,

I've tested the EQSL download function into redirected onedrive directory and the it looks to create correctly.
The issue is the display function in the Document Tab is not implemented yet.

Please see G4pop post in section below.

neil g0ggg