Version released

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Version released

Post by G4POP » 03 May 2021, 06:41

Known issue with Excel buttons not saving will be fixed in next release

Release note – Version

[NEW] Added export to excel button on grids
[NEW] Introduced caching for external sources and callsign statistics
[NEW] Added automatic cluster disconnection when counterpart become unresponsive
Updated Bonair Island flag
Hamlib rigs are now alphabetically sorted by manufacturer-model
Added frequency on email alerts
Spots can now be sent to localhost if log4om local relay server is offline or uses a different port than the targeted one
[FIX] Removed <BR> from email alerts and switched to plain text
[FIX] Fixed an issue that prevented alert email on some circumstances
[FIX] Fixed an issue that in some cases used the wrong state from external sources when the callsign is decorated with a prefix
[FIX] Fixed label print label reporting user was not exchanging QSL with correct behaviour
[FIX] ADIF import counter is now showing the correct amount of QSO imported
[FIX] Winkeyer QSO references is now properly filled with data
[FIX] Fixed winkeyer macro issue that prevented some strings to be sent correctly (first character sent issue)
[FIX] Fixed Hamlib MODE swap issue and other minor things
[FIX] Included a new Hamlib version with many fixes on specific rig drivers that should fix the “VFO SWAP” issue. More info and specific reports can be addressed to Hamlib software team.
73 Terry G4POP