New Version 2.19.0 released

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New Version 2.19.0 released

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This is now available for download, see release notes for full details but here is the SunSDR specific information

Log4OM Expert Electronics SunSDR support
Log4OM 2.19 now provides unparalleled support for the SunSDR range of radios using the TCI protocol provided by Expert Electronics EESDR software as follows:

CAT control
The TCI protocol provides two-way integration of band, frequency and mode information for both VFO’s on each receiver with Log4OM.

Log4OM switches control automatically to the receiver that has focus and obtains Band, Frequency and mode data. (No more incorrectly logged frequencies)

PTT can be activated from the keyboard via the Log4OM/TCI interface

CW using the Winkeyer control interface included in Log4OM for the EESDR receiver currently being used, thus providing auto online lookup of calls, user defined macros, various keyer controls including speed and QSO logging all from a single GUI.

Cluster Spots
Cluster spots from the Log4OM cluster are automatically displayed on the EESDR spectrum

Left clicking on a displayed spectrum spot automatically sets frequency and mode while at the same time entering the call in the Log4OM QSO interface for online lookup and logging.

Right clicking on a displayed spectrum spot automatically enters the call in the Log4OM QSO interface for online lookup.

Double clicking on a spot in the Log4OM clusters or bandplans instantly synchronises the SunSDR band, frequency and mode with that of the spot.
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