Log4OM 1.28.0 released

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Log4OM 1.28.0 released

Post by IW3HMH » 11 Apr 2017, 07:59

Release notes Version 1.28.0


– Added support to a new service (Special Contest Calls) that will work with SCL (Special Callsign) file already available. Both services are provided by Chuck K7PT and updated automatically by Log4OM or manually through SCL update option

– Fixed audio management in PTT voice control when PTT screen is closed and reopened.

– Fixed an issue with statistics that won’t open if the user has not set his own station locator.

– Fixed an issue on startup if the CONFIG parameter in the shortcut is related to a non-existent configuration

– Extended the JT mode RST scale

– Added a flag to speed up loading of award CSV files. Warning: Skips dupe and period overlap. Use with caution

– Some optimizations on award CSV import functions

– Fixed a missing translation in SETTINGS screen

– When SATELLITE mode is enabled, propagation is set to SAT and is not changed on new QSO’s

– Better management of LOTW download errors. Now error pages in HTML returned from LOTW are saved to disk and users are alerted to check them for errors (typically wrong password)

– Added new filters (mode) on WAS award statistics

– Added new filters (CW/DIGITAL/PHONE) on Locator statistics

– Log4OM main user interface can now be reduced in height to keep only the top area visible
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